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entrée V4 SQL: Overview

Server requirements:
  • Windows 2008 Server / Windows 2012 Server (including Standard and Server Essentials)
  • Dual Core processor. Note that the Sybase Advantage Database Server supports multiple processors on Windows. It is multi-threaded and will perform each user request database operation concurrently or in parallel if multiple processors are present.
  • Intel Xeon 2.4 GHz or greater
  • 16GB RAM
  • Windows 64-Bit
  • 500GB hard drive, 1TB recommended
  • For optimal speed, NECS recommends an enterprise class SSD (Solid State Drive) rather than a traditional hard drive with moving parts, such as the Samsung EVO series. Always perform regular daily backups and the SSD should be replaced when the manufactuer's warranty expires.
Workstation requirements:
  • Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • Intel I5 or greater
  • 4GB RAM
  • 1360 x 768 minimum monitor resolution
  • 60GB hard drive
Remote Desktop requirements:

Minimum Terminal Server requirements (for up to 10 workstations):
  • Dual core Xeon processor 2.2GHz +
  • 4 GB Ram
  • Windows 2003 Server R2

Recommended Terminal Server requirements (for up to 10 workstations):
  • Quad core Xeon processor 2.33GHz +
  • 8 GB Ram
  • Windows 2008 Server 64 Bit

  • The entrée data files should not be installed on the terminal server. Instead they should live on a separate file server.

A New Generation of Food Distribution Software and
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Your foodservice distribution operation provides you with new challenges every day. Your goal is to stay profitable without sacrificing exceptional service. NECS understands your needs. We’ve been developing and improving our software for the fast paced world of food distribution since 1987. Our Windows based entrée software is your “center-of-the-plate” solution. It is the core software module that your business will come to depend on. Industry-specific features include catch weight management, customer special pricing and standard orders, inventory lot control for food traceability, warehouse management, online order entry, and an iPad application for your DSRs. The system also includes accounting functionality to make your job easier, with features like commission management and reporting, AR and AP management, and an excellent order entry module for inside sales. Now it's your turn to discover the software which has been the secret to success for over 1,500 food distributors. The entrée system provides you with an affordable solution to help you contend with or overtake your largest competitors.

Power, Speed and Ease of Use

The latest version of our popular entrée software for food distributors takes your operation to the next level, offering power, speed and ease of use. The new dashboards, enhanced search screens, ribbon menus and more allow you to do your job faster while providing new visual insights to your complex data. It is a great system for both full line distributors, and distributors that specialize in everything from produce, to cheese, meat, dairy, beverage and seafood distribution.

Based on SQL Technology

Version 4 is built on the Sybase Advantage SQL database platform, delivering amazing speed and rock solid database integrity. This client/server architecture reduces network traffic while boosting the speed of entrée and nearly eliminating the chance of database corruption. All processes from generating reports to creating invoices are dramatically faster.

1,500 customers and counting...

With over 1,500 foodservice distributors running their operations with our entrée food distribution system, we have a large base of installed food distributors.  

If you are looking for a proven food distribution solution, want to get online quickly and bring your wholesale distribution operation to the next level, look no further than entrée!