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NECS entree Version 4 Feature / Ingredient List


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NECS entree Version 4 Feature / Ingredient List

Jun 12 2012

Many NECS customers have been asking what features they can expect to see in entree Version 4, due to be released later this year.

At our last training class (May 9-11), the students were givin a TOP SECRET envelope, which contained a list of the planned enhancements (also known as our "ingredient list") for entree version 4,  project: Red Velvet Cupcake.

Also, each student was given an actual red velvet cupcake with vanilla frosting, marked in a "Top Secret" box, made by the famous cupcake bakery called "Sugar".  This is a local bakery that recently won "Cupcake Wars Season 2" on the Food Network.

With this Blog entry, I would like to reveal the 12 main "ingredients" (features) going into this sweet and delicious major upgrade:

1. SQL databases via Sybase.
Speed, Reliability, Large File Sizes.  SQL design uses the Sybase Database Server software.
[Read this past Blog post for more information about SQL and Sybase]

2. Faster Report Generation. 
Reports to be at least TWICE as fast as version 3.

3. Report Scheduler. 
Reports to be automatically generated at user defined times, with emailing capability.

4. New Search Screens.  
Faster with more features, including images and "Info Panel" at bottom of screen.

5. Mostly Eliminate Reindexing Files.  
Reindex option will be removed from System Menu, and instead be part of the new update utility. SQL Files do not need to be Reindexed like DBF files, because of stability.

6. Real Time Posting to GL.
Eliminates "Release to GL" procedure and other posting requirements based on the outdated method of "batch" postings.

7. Eliminate all History Files and Closing Month.
Because SQL files easily accomodate very large file sizes, they do not need to be divided into current/history files. No more history files.  No longer a need to "Release to GL". Just imagine your life being a little easier without the need to spend time closing each month.

8. Replication Server Option from Sybase.
Allows another server (either local or remote) to be constantly backing up main server. Additional product from Sybase.
[Read this past Blog post for more information about the Replication Server]

9. Screens can expand and be made larger.
One of the most requested features.  You will now be able to take advantage of larger monitor sizes for easier viewing of entree screens.

10. entree software loads from Server, NOT individual workstation.
This will make installation/updates faster and easier to install and there will no longer be a workstation installation/update procedure.

11. Language Translator.
To be available in entree.NET first, expected July 2012.  Printing of Invoices, Loading Sheets and all Reports.
[Read this past Blog post for more information about the Language Translator]

12. Purchase Order enhancements.
Enhancements in both Purchase Order creation and receiving, as requested by entree users.

Future Blog postings will provide more specifics about each of these features, upgrade pricing and hardware requirements.

And I also plan on revealing yet another project we will begin cooking up shortly... Project: Devils Food Cupcake.

Stay tuned and plan on hearing a lot more news from NECS throughout the year!