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New Customer Credit Features in the ELECTRONIC ORDER PAD, New entree.NET Web Site Features and more...


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New Customer Credit Features in the ELECTRONIC ORDER PAD, New entree.NET Web Site Features and more...

Feb 28 2013

Customer Credits with the ELECTRONIC ORDER PAD

The latest version of the ELECTRONIC ORDER PAD has been enhanced to include the ability for your DSRs (Distributor Sales Reps) to enter credits for customers.  We feel that this new feature will be a time saver for both your DSRs and your office staff, and ultimately provide better service to your customers.

There are two ways that you can define a credit:

1. There is a new "Credit" tab available when in Create Order.  This allows the DSR to enter the credits while creating an order for the customer.  This works the same as the main entree software when credits are added to an invoice.

2. There is a new "Create Credit Memo" option on the main ELECTRONIC ORDER PAD menu, designed to quickly create a Credit Memo for the customer.

In order for this new credit feature to work, you must enable it through the Settings tab Options page in the ELECTRONIC ORDER PAD section of entree.NET.  The below screen shot shows in red where this is defined, along with another new option which allows you to have the DSR see the "True" inventory on hand in addition to the normal inventory on hand (available to sell).  The "True" on hand includes inventory allocations, or what should be in your warehouse before all pending orders are picked.  

Once the "Allow salesperson to enter credits on orders" option is turned on, when creating a customer order, a new "Credits" tab will appear on the right of the screen.

Here you can enter each of the credit items, including the "Return Code" representing the reason for the credit.  The return code's used are the same as you have defined in your main entree software, and indicate whether or not the item should be returned to inventory.  The "Credit Register" report in entree will provide you with the means to analyze these returns.

Note that you can set a "Filter" in the Credit Register Report to only report on credits assigned by your DSRs using the ELECTRONIC ORDER PAD.  This filter is called "Source" on the "Filters" tab in the reporting system.

Once the "Allow salesperson to create Credit Memo's" option is turned on, the new "Create Credit Memo" menu option will appear:

The "Create Credit Memo" option is used when your DSR needs to create a stand alone credit memo for the customer.  The below screen shot shows the "Finish" page when creating a stand alone Credit Memo.

An important concern when creating a credit for a customer is determining what the correct credit pricing should be.

As a default, when creating credits, the software will use the last price paid by the customer for the item.  However, this may or may not be correct.  

In order to assist the DSR with determining the correct credit price, they can hit the "History" tab.  This tab will show all of the sales of the highlighted item to the customer over the last 13 months.  They can simply touch the line that represents the correct sale price of the item, and the software will use this as the credit price.  Below is a screen shot of the "History" tab:

Later, when the "Order Confirmation" PDF document is generated (which is emailed to the customer, DSR and office), if the credit items were added to a new order, they will clearly show on the document seperated from the normal ordered items.  

New Web Site Template Designs for entree.NET

I am happy to let you know that we have just introduced two new web site template designs for our entree.NET customers.  Our existing web site templates are getting a little stale, so we wanted to update the design for a more modern and attractive look.

The first new design style can be used for a variety of different types of distributors.  We call it the "Rustic Wood" style.  It gives you a feel of country living, but with a modern interface.

Here is a view of the "Rustic Wood" Home page tweaked for a meat distributor:

Here is a view of the "Rustic Wood" Home page tweaked for a pizza or italian foods distributor:

The second style template introduced is called the "Fine Foods" style.  It's a more upscale design with very smooth and intuitive navigation.  Here is an example of what the Home page looks like:

Here is what the About page for the "Fine Foods" style looks like:

If you currently have an entree.NET web site template, and would like to switch to one of the above styles, please let Harold Haynes (x12) or Dan Haynes (x16) know, and they will get it going for you.  There is a flat fee of $500 to convert your old site to a new format.

entree.NET "Pop-Up Catalog" Feature

Do you already have a web site designed that you really like and have no desire to move to a new design?

Do you just wish the "Catalog" section of your site was more easily updated and in synch with your entree software?

If you answered "yes" to both questions above, then we have the perfect solution.  It's called the entree.NET Pop-Up Catalog.

This new solution allows you to have your current webmaster link your current "Catalog" on your site to a new page that comes up with your catalog automatically created from your entree inventory database.  Your webmaster can also include it in an "iFrame" so that it appears to run from within your site.

You can set the color scheme to match your existing site, use your own logo at the top of the Pop-Up Catalog, specify which items will be shown, etc.  

Using the entree.NET "Scheduler" utility which runs on your in-house server, you can specify how often your catalog is automatically updated (ex: update every 4 hours) to keep the catalog data on your site as fresh as possible.

If you decide to show current Inventory On Hand Quantites and Weights, you can set the "Scheduler" to update as often as every 5 minutes.

Below is an example screen shot with your catalog landing on the "Class View" of your items:

Below is a screen shot of the "Brand View":

And here is an "Item Listing" view:

Finally, here is a screen shot showing what the "Item Detail" view looks like, when the user clicks on a specific item:

If you would like to see first hand what the new Pop-Up Catalog is like to use, please click here.  This will launch a demo site of the Pop-Up Catalog which we've loaded up with some sample items from our demo version of entree.

The Pop-Up Catalog is available to entree.NET customers at a cost of $500.

Event Calendar

In order to more easily keep you up-to-date with our in-house training schedule, trade shows we are attending and other important events, we've created an "Event Calendar" for our web site.

You will find it pictured below, in the top right corner when you visit

Note that I have scheduled a special one day event for Wednesday, May 15th at our offices in Madison, CT, which simply focuses on our ELECTRONIC WAREHOUSE MANAGER Android app.  If you are interested in automating your warehouse, but would like more information about how it works, including seeing it in operation, I would highly recommend you take this special course.  

There will not be any charge for your attendance of this event.  Depending how popular this course is, I will offer more throughout the year.  Please drop me an email if you have an interest in attending or have any questions regarding this.

The Dot Foods Annual Trade Show and entree.DOT

I'm happy to report that we will have a booth at this years Dot Foods Show, which is titled "Innovations 2013".

The show will be held on June 6-8th, 2013 in St. Louis, MO.

We plan on showing entree v4 SQL at our booth, as well as improvements we've made to our Dot Foods interface, called entree.DOT.

As an example, we've enhanced the Inventory Search Screen in entree v4 SQL to have a Dot Foods button, which toggles the inclusion of Dot Foods items ON or OFF.  Below is a screen shot showing the Dot Foods items in the OFF state:

Below is a closeup of the Dot Foods items in the ON state:

If you are a Dot Foods customer and planning to attend the show, please stop by our booth.  If you are not yet a Dot Foods customer, but are interested, you can contact Tammy Underwood, their Customer Development Manager.  You can reach her via email at:  Be sure to tell her that you were referred by NECS.

In case you are not familiar with them, Dot Foods is the nations largest food redistributor.  Click here for more information.


I am working on another Blog article that will cover the new Search Screens in Version 4.  I may also put together a video presentation, because that will show them in action, and may be a better visual tool to explain how they work.

Keep on the lookout for my next Blog posting.  They are starting to come fast now (rather than making you wait months between Blog postings)...