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entrée V4 SQL Release Status and my first Video Blog


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entrée V4 SQL Release Status and my first Video Blog

Sep 25 2013

V4 Release Status

As I write this Blog entry, we are now only weeks away from general release of V4!

We are installing the "beta" version with 8 more customers for their testing and scrutinity over the next 10 days.  
To date, almost all of the reported issues have been solved, and we are finally in the home strech.

I would like to add that when we start general rollout of V4, the NECS technical support department is going to be very busy.  We have about 40 customers that have pre-ordered V4, and we need to spend sufficient time with each to make sure the installation was successful and we provide the attention needed for questions, etc.

So please be patient with us!

I thought you would be interested to know that there are always five things our beta testers tell us: 
  1. The Sybase SQL databases are performing wonderfully.  Most testers say all reports are about 3 times faster than V3.  When they learn that we will be further optimizing the reports in future releases to run even faster, that is very appreciated.
  2. The Dashboards are amazing.  The business intelligence they provide while being very flexible and easy to customize puts entrée on a whole new level.
  3. The Report Scheduler is going to be a major time saver.
  4. Adaption to the new Ribbon Menu has been surprisingly quick for their users.
  5. They love the new Search Screens.

The New Search Screens - Video Preview

We had filmed the 1-day V4 Training Class I taught in New Orleans on August 23rd.  It was a great group of customers (as were all the training classes!) who asked a lot of good questions and were enthusiastic about all the new features.

My plan is to provide in future Blog postings, segments of this class where I explain each of the new features of V4 and how to use them.

The first video segment I would like to show you is the new Search Screens.

The original length of this part of the class was about 45 minutes.  I've edited it down to less than 8-minutes, which is far less tedious to watch and covers the highlights.

One of the most frequently used features of entrée is the Search Screens. When your system holds volumes of important data, finding what you need quickly and easily becomes a top priority to effectively use our software. Search Screens are available for all the key databases in entrée including inventory, brands, customers, contacts, vendors, salespeople, invoices, purchase orders, etc.

Over the years customers have provided us with key insights in how to improve this process, and we feel that our re-designed Search Screens will meet even our most demanding user's needs.

So here is my first VLOG - "Video Blog" previewing the new Search Screens.  I hope you find it informational.  Enjoy!

Some points about the new Search Screens (most were left out of this edited version) include:

  • There are many more data fields available to search and the new "Info Panel" feature displays even more information per record.
  • Based on the power of SQL, search results are displayed almost immediately in your databases containing hundreds of thousands or millions of records.
  • Data on the Search Screens can be easily sorted and grouped. For example, when searching in the Inventory File, you can easily group all items by Brand Name, then further group those results by Class, etc. A truly powerful way to see and locate your data.
  • Search Screens fully support displaying images. For example, when searching in the Inventory File, you can display the item image, brand logo and class image.
  • All Search Screens are completely customizable down to the user level. You can define a specific Search Screen format for each database that is your "local company default", and then allow individual users to further enhance the design to suit their specific searching needs.
  • As is most of V4, Search Screens are touch sensitive. So if you are running entrée on a touch sensitive monitor, you can navigate by either using the mouse, keyboard or touching/swiping with your finger.