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New Auto-Complete features in Create / Change Invoice


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New Auto-Complete features in Create / Change Invoice

Sep 08 2014
It's been almost a year since my last Blog posting as all of us here have been extremely busy after the official Version 4 (V4) release this past March, as well as with the many new customers who have made the switch to entrée V4 this year.

With the release of version 4.08 of entrée, we've included an important new feature called "auto-complete".  This is currently only integrated into "Create / Change Invoice", as we await your feedback before including it throughout the rest of the system.

What is Auto-Complete?

The new auto-complete features are designed to provide you with a faster alternative to our Search Screens.  However they are not a replacement for the Search Screens and simply won't have all the features the Search Screens provide.

However, they provide an extremely fast way to locate the information you are looking for as soon as you start typing in a data field such as Invoice Number, Customer Number, Item Number, etc.

For example, if you are in Change Invoice, and you are looking for a specific invoice, you can start typing in the Invoice Number field, and the auto-complete will immediately provide a list of invoices in a grid.  The more you type the more it zeros in on what you are looking for.

What's important to realize is that you can type any part of the Invoice Number, Customer Number, Customer Name, etc., and not just the Invoice Number.

The auto-complete feature accepts up to three different words, and can figure out what you want based upon those.

Auto-Complete for Customer Numbers

In the next few sections, I'll describe how the auto-complete works for the three different fields we've added it to in Create / Change Invoice.  The first of which is the Customer Number field.