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Anoto Digital Pen Promotion


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Anoto Digital Pen Promotion

Jul 21 2016

NECS Anoto Digital Pen Promotion:
Let One of Your Drivers Try it Risk Free for A Month

Starting July 2016 and ending in February 2017, NECS is offering a promotion on our Anoto Digital Pen Interface, entrée.PEN for your drivers.  We are fans of this incredible, easy-to-use, and durable technology and want to offer you the opportunity to try it with no risk.  We are confident that once you do, you will realize how much paper, time, and money is saved when using the Anoto Digital Pen.

We can not fully convey how a new technology works without a hands on demonstration.  Ed Maybrun, President of Cotati Foodservice, first saw the Anoto Pen at the Dot Food Show in St. Louis.  Below is a photo of our own Nichole Zingarella (Director of Operations for NECS)  introducing Ed to the Anoto Digital Pen.  


Ed implemented this technology for both his drivers and even internally in his office for "will-calls".  He said:
"Customers write notes on the invoices on how cool this technology is. I think they are more surprised at how an independent distributor has this technology available to them. Customers can't believe that they sign their invoice and we hand it to them and the driver walks out the door and we have the electronic image instantly. At the end of every day, customer service would have to file and scan hundreds of invoices, which was very time consuming. Now the ladies in the office are going home earlier and not putting in overtime to get that work done. I would definitely recommend the Anoto Pen to other food distributors."

I think that you'll be just as impressed with this technology as Ed was once you try it with at least one of your drivers.  You'll also see how durable and reliable it is.  This "try it risk free for a month" offer is the best way to get everyone in your organization on board with this technology.

Since we can't give you a live demonstration, watch this video to better understand the functionality of the Anoto Digital Pen

To Start Here's Good News: Reduced Pricing!

We've been working with Anoto to lower the costs as much as possible and they've provided us with optimal pricing because of our commitment to place 1,000 pens with drivers over the next 18 months.  To date we've placed over 100 Anoto Digital Pens with drivers, so I feel our goal is reasonable to reach.  They were also very impressed with our latest video about our integration with their technology, and they've posted it to thier AnotoGroup YouTube channel.  

Please inquire with Harold Haynes or Dan Haynes for the specifics of the reduced pricing.

Here is a Recap of How This Technology Works with entrée V4

When using the Anoto Digital Pen technology, there is no need to print costly, multi-page, carbonless invoices on a dot matrix printer. You don't even need to print multiple copies of the same form on a laser printer or scan the invoices into your entrée software when the driver returns. 

Instead, just a single page of the customer's invoice will be printed on an Adobe Postscript 3 compatable laser printer, using plain paper and regular toner.

The driver writes on the invoice as normal, they put a check mark in either the Review (alerts DSR to possible delivery issues) or Complete (order delivered without issue) box. The customer signs the invoice and then the driver checks the Transmit box. The customer is given the original invoice and within minutes the invoice with all writing is delivered into your entrée V4 software and attached to the invoice. You can then print or email the invoice as needed.


For those accounts where the drivers pick up cash or checks, a Cash Collection Sheet can be automatically printed when the invoice is printed. The driver can write the invoice number, check number (or indicate cash) and dollar amount collected. The Anoto Digital Pen's outstanding handwriting recognition will convert what was written accurately to data. It also tracks the GPS location where the payment was picked up. By the time the drivers return to your warehouse, all of their receipts will be organized and ready for you to quickly and easily apply the Cash Receipts.

When your drivers are using the Anoto Digital Pen, you will want to be sure that all invoices, cash collection, etc. documents for their route have been transmitted to your entrée system and nothing is missing. To expedite this process we created the Route Documents Review screen. Here you can discover such things as documents that need review and documents that have not been transmitted. Note that the Route Documents Review screen also works with entrée.DOC scanned documents and will identify missing invoice documents not scanned into your entrée system.


How to Experience This Amazing Technology:

Starting now we are offering a FREE 30 day trial to any new Anoto user.  Your trial can occur any time between now and February 2017 to ensure that you test the technology during one of your business’s slower months.

If at the end of the 30 day evaluation period you wish to continue the service, you will get to keep your trial pen (a $195 value) and get the first software license for free! There is absolutely no obligation to purchase- if you do not wish to continue, simply send the pen back and we will remotely uninstall the software.

What are the requirements for participation?

You must be a V4 user, as entrée.PEN is not compatible with other versions of the system. However, we are offering an additional promotion for anyone who wishes to use the Anoto Pens and upgrade from our older V3 system.  Contact Harold Haynes or Dan Haynes to find out the details of this extremely generous discount!

• The Anoto Digital Pen is only compatible with our V4 SQL version of entrée.
• This offer is only valid if you have not already purchased the Anoto Digital Pen interface.
• You will have the option of which month you would like to take advantage of this offer. All months through February 2017 will be available. This will allow you to select a slower month to test this technology with one of your drivers.
• We will ship your company one Anoto Digital Pen pre-configured with the drivers name or route.
• We will send you a proposal which specifies this offer and your obligation to return the Anoto Digital Pen if you decide not to use this technology.
• We will install our Anoto Digtial Pen interface software (entrée.PEN) on your server remotely for one pen license.
• You must have an Adobe Postscript 3 color laser printer. We highly recommend the HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553n (because of it's speed, low cost and excellent quality when printing the Anoto "digital ink" on the form).
• Remember that you will use regular paper and regular toner.
• Invoices printed must be designed for Anoto. You can select from three styles we currently have designed. We will customize the invoice with your company colors, logo and other minor changes. To see these styles, click here and select "entree.PEN form (Anoto)".
• You will be able to print your current invoices as normal and have the option to print invoices with the Anoto Digital Ink for selected routes. This ensures that your operation will continue to operate smoothly, using your current style invoice and printer whenever needed.
• After your 30 day evaluation, if you decide to utilize this technology, you can keep the Anoto Digital Pen at no cost ($195 value) and receive the entree.PEN software license at no cost.
• After your 30 day evaluation, if you decide not utilize this technology, simply notify us, return the Anoto Digital Pen and we will remotely uninstall the software.

Technical support is free throughout the 30 days and we will pre-configure the pen with your driver’s name or route, and install entrée.PEN onto your server. 

What are you waiting for?

This technology is easy to use, but your drivers will still have to adjust to the new procedures of using it. (such as understanding which boxes to check, having their smartphone turned on, etc.).  To assist with this we have driver’s guides and videos available in English and Spanish copy.  

We are also working on Item Returns for your drivers to better organize your return process.  This new feature will be automatically provided to you when ready.

Ready to get going?  If you are an existing NECS customer, you can click here to reserve a pen for the month that's best for you (July 2016 - February 2017) and start the process.

Still not sure?  Watch the below video where you can hear what some of our current Anoto customers have to say about how this technology has improved their business and reduced overtime in the office.

To find more information about how this technology can improve your business, please fill out our contact form!