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entrée Dashboards

Jul 02 2020
One of the key components of your food distribution business is information. What are your fastest moving items? Who are your top customers? Which route is the most profitable?

You may already have an idea of what the answers are to these very important questions but did you know that your entrée software can very easily (and quickly)provide the data to answer these questions for you, leaving you with certainty and confidence to make better day-to-day decisions regarding your business?

Introducing the entrée V4 Dashboards. It is a business intelligence tool which provides snapshots of key performance indicators relevant to your operations. It is already built-in your entrée V4 software, so all you have to do is take a seat and let it wow you with the quality and speed of information it produces.

Still skeptical?

Here are the “Top 5 Most Exciting Things” you can do with Dashboards:

1. Have you ever asked yourself how your day is going? Now entrée can help you with that. Delivery, orders and payments for the day can easily be viewed from this section and reported to you in real-time. If you’re from the Accounts Receivable department, the Daily Payments Summary is a great tool. For your Warehouse Manager, the Daily Order and Delivery Summary might be very helpful to keep track of invoices throughout the day. Ask them to give it a try!

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2. Do you prefer to look at all possible information or would you rather focus on only a handful of data? Dashboards are completely customizable – from the date range, to the ranking, to the chart selection, to the fields you want to see on your data rows and columns. Just with a toggle or a quick drag-and-drop, you can personalize almost anything on your screen to create exactly the dashboard that is right for you. An added bonus is that you can save your settings and create your very own configuration that you can recall at any given time. We encourage you and your staff to create personal configurations that would suit your needs and particular roles.

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3. Do you have multiple users who expect to see different sets of information from the same dashboard? Maybe Nick wants to see Sales information grouped by month while Steve needs a daily breakdown of invoices. What is great about dashboards is that every user can save all their settings and create personal configurations that can be recalled at any given time. You can even enter a lock password to protect your settings! We encourage you and your staff to create specific configurations that would suit your needs and particular roles.

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4. What makes up that big number that you’re seeing for one of your top customers? Was it one invoice or a group of invoices? Good news! You don’t have to go run another report to get a detailed breakdown. entrée dashboards give you the ability to dig further on key data. Just click and you’re presented with details containing the information you’re seeing, you can also customize and filter so you can instantly pinpoint if there are unusual activities or numbers.

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5. Do you enjoy using creative visuals to get your point across? You’re in luck. entrée Dashboards allow for various beautiful diagrams while charting your information. Just pick the best one that fits your needs, print to carry with you or export them to a PDF file. These are valuable tools that can make or break your presentation.

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entrée dashboards is a powerful tool that can really simplify and improve your data-gathering and decision-making process. We encourage you to take the time and get to know them! If you want more detailed instructions for you and your team, you can visit our website at and access our V4 Knowledgebase; use the keyword “Dashboards” and you’ll see pages of information on this. You can also call our tech support staff for further training.

When you are ready to get started, just log in to your entrée V4 database and you’re good to go. Happy exploring!