Welcome to our Partners Showcase Event - October 25th - Branford, CT

Sep 19 2016

NECS Partners Showcase Event

On October 25th, 2016 at our new offices in Branford, CT, NECS will be holding our first Partner Showcase Event.

There will be no charge for this event and a light breakfast, snacks, drinks and lunch will be provided.  The showcase is scheduled to begin at 9:00AM and end around 5:00PM.  The main goal of this event is so that you can learn about some of our integration partners and how their solutions can immediately benefit your food distribution operation.

As NECS continues to expand, we have formed strategic partnerships and integrations with companies that produce software/hardware that many of you have been asking about.  These are proven systems that integrate with your entree V4 software.
We have also taken the time to negotiate better pricing with our partners' solutions due to the amount of new business we can bring them. And both ourselves and our partners will always work together to ensure a seamless integration without "finger pointing" if problems should arise.

By coming to this event, you will get hands-on demonstrations of how these solutions work and be able to ask questions directly to thier developers and owners.  This is highly informational and will ensure that you make the right decision if  you incorporate one of these solutions into your operation.

This event will be broken into a morning and afternoon session. The morning session will allow each partner to present a 30 minute overview of their solution. The afternoon session will feature breakout areas where each partner can give more in depth product demonstrations, have hardware setup for you to experiement with, answer questions, etc.

Note that if you are a Golbon member, this event starts the day before the Golbon meeting in Providence, RI.  Our office in Branford is about a one hour drive from Providence.

Five NECS Partners to Check Out

We have invited five of our partners to our first showcase event.  They are, listed in alphabetical order:


Anoto is a global leader in digital writing and drawing solutions. Its technology platform and branded products includes the Anoto Digital Pen, which is used by our entrée.PEN module. The Anoto Group has over 150 employees and is headquartered in Lund (Sweden), with offices in Norrköping (Sweden), Basingstoke, Guildford and Wetherby (UK), Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston (US) and Tokyo (Japan).

The same system used by US Foods, PocketLink offers an easy to use POD (Proof of Delivery) and DSD (Direct Store Delivery) solution for your drivers.

This software/hardware feature which runs on inexpensive Android smart phones, ensures that drivers deliver the correct items to your customers.

ASKI POD gives you a world-class solution to automate the deliveries, OS&Ds, pickups, payment, signature capture, in-office processing of stock, and supply chain information.

ASKI keeps your customers happy with accurate information, fast responses, instant pricing and credits, and receipt printing.

ASKI can be configured specifically to the needs of your company.

Pocket Link serves over 400 companies using ASKI with over 8,000 worldwide users.

Our guest speakers from Pocket Link will be Reuven Allouche and John McDowell.


BFC Associates offers the voice picking system for your warehouse called the BFC Dakota WMS.  They also offer TruckBuilder which is a unique app which offers total control for building pallets and placement of pallets within the truck trailer.

They have been in business for over 25 years and have a proven system based on voice technology for high volume food distributors.

Guest speakers will be Lyle Castle and Sam Flannery.


Trackmax Solutions Earned Income Profit Optimizer (EIPO) is the most widely used foodservice distributor contract and rebate management system available today.

On average, users report up to 20% increase in vendor purchase and sales rebate income on existing sales and an ROI within six months.

It easily, accurately and completely handles today’s highly complicated earned income programs as well as the large number of programs that foodservice distributors must track including purchased earned income, marketing funds, group allowances, and deviated programs at the line item level.

Our guest speaker will be Tim Rawson.


Founded in 1987, Schoneman, Inc. is the maker of the popular VistaTrac food processing and traceability system.

VistaTrac is known for easy to use plant floor solutions that utilize iPads, GTIN barcode labeling and scanning.

VistaTrac fills a unique need in the industry for customizable plant-floor technology that integrates with their customers' existing ERP systems, including NECS entree.

VistaTrac offers solutions for shipping, receiving, batching/yield, catch weight labeling, and real-time inventory. VistaTrac has custom solutions for a variety of food manufacturing industries including meat, seafood, poultry, dairy and produce.

Guest speakers will be Matt and Steve Schoneman.

All attendees must be registered.

The event will take place at our new offices located at 322 East Main Street, 3rd Floor, Branford, CT.  

You can really think of this event also as an open house to come by and check out our new offices, meet your technical support representative and learn more about NECS and what we have planned for the future. I personally plan to hold a meeting in the afternoon to review all the new purchasing features that are planned as well as some other projects that are due to be released next year (ex: online ordering app for your customers which can be used on their phone is just one example).

I really believe that spending the day at our Showcase Event will be well worth your time.  And if you are a Golbon member coming to Rhode Island for their show, you will already be in the area.

I'm looking forward to seeing you at our Partners Showcase!