Redesign of Customer Account Inquiry

Sep 11 2020

Redesign of Customer Account Inquiry

One of the most frequently-used features of entrée is the Customer Account Inquiry. As the name implies, this screen allows you to quickly see a summary of your customers’ account information including their open and paid invoices, MTD and YTD sales analysis, customer notes and so much more. Throughout the years we’ve received ideas and suggestions from you on how we can make this screen do more and now the new and improved Customer Account Inquiry is here! Not only did we give it a whole new look, we’ve also added new functionality for your productivity.

Here are the 5 most exciting NEW features of the Redesigned Customer Account Inquiry:

1. A completely customizable grid + new informational fields

You can now add, remove and move fields according to your preferences. Just click on the little icon on the top left corner of the grid and you can select and deselect fields that you’d like to see on your screen. You can even add a column header and create groups that make looking at your customer account a lot easier. Don’t forget to check the new fields we’ve added: Order Source, Order Number, PO Number, Email, Ship-to-Number and Ship-to-Company.

2. Emailing invoices made easier!

If emailing invoices is something you do often, then you’ll be happy to hear that we’ve added a new feature to help you save time. By adding the new “Email” field on your grid, you can select multiple invoices to send at once. After checking the Email box on your invoices, click on the “E-mail Invoice” button, a Mail Editor screen will come up allowing you to add a message to the recipient(s) before hitting Send.

3. View Invoice line items

So your customer called asking an account receivable question: how much their balance is and when is it due. But then right before they hang-up, they have one last question for you. Can you tell them, really quick, what items were on invoice 111542?
Well now, you can answer this question with a confident, “Yes, I can.”Just by clicking on the “+” sign next to your Invoice Number you can now see the items on that particular invoice. Once finished, you can click the "–"sign one more time to hide the line items. No need to leave your screen at all. That was easy.

4. New Incremental Search feature

This search feature allows you to click into a cell anywhere in a column, start typing, and be brought to the entry with the closest match. Let’s say your customer called looking for a certain paid amount that they currently see on their bank statement. The amount is $229.33. To easily search for this amount, click on any of the Payment Received amounts on your screen and start typing the number you’re looking for, one by one. entrée will automatically bring you to the closest, if not exact, amount that it finds on your customer’s account! A great time saver. You can do this on all the fields in your screen including Invoice No, PO Number, Invoice Amount, etc.

5. View Signed Invoices from supported entrée add-ons

Do you have the entrée.DOC or POD module that captures your customer’s signed invoices? If so, then you’ll be happy to hear that we’ve added a “View Invoice” tab on far right side of the new customer account inquiry, allowing you to instantly see signed invoices without ever leaving your screen or opening a new one.

As you can see, we’ve added these new features with your day-to-day needs, productivity and efficiency in mind. We hope you explore and enjoy them and let us know what you think!