Email confirmation in entree

Oct 29 2020

Did you know that when your salespeople or customers place their orders on the go in our .NET, Electronic Order Pad (EOP) or Express platform an Order Confirmation email is automatically sent to them for the order they’ve just created?

This email confirmation has helped your team and your customers double-check that their orders are accurate, avoiding costly delays and mistakes for you and your warehouse. The good news is that as of entrée version 4.2.4, this same feature is something you can also take advantage of in your very own entrée system!

So what exactly is this new feature?

1. In Create Invoice, an e-mail confirmation will be automatically sent after creating an invoice for any customer you choose to receive an order confirmation email. Here’s a sample email of the Order Confirmation your customers will be receiving:

2. There is also the ability to send an optional Order Revision Confirmation email from Change Invoice when your customer decides to make changes to an existing order. You will get a prompt after changing the invoice and answering ‘YES’ will cause an updated email of the invoice to be sent:

You may be wondering, how is this different from emailing an invoice? The biggest difference is that this new email confirmation is sent at the beginning stages, automatically, when an invoice is created and printing is not a requirement. The goal is for your customers to quickly review the order that was placed and possibly make changes before it is processed by your warehouse. This may also save your staff time from making another phone call or sending an extra fax or email to your customers who want to confirm that their orders are placed correctly.

Sounds like a good idea? Here are 3 easy steps to get you started:

1. Make sure that your email settings in entrée are set-up. If you are already emailing invoices and reports from your entrée log-in, then chances are, your email settings are set. If you’ve never sent an email from entrée before, please refer to our Knowledgebase or call our Techsupport team.

2. Check if your entrée version is 4.2.4 or above. There are multiple ways to check what version your entrée system is on. The easiest is by checking your log in screen as shown in the image below. If you are on an older version, please consider updating to take advantage of this new feature.

3. Choose which customers would like to receive an email confirmation. Once you have a list, you can go to the Customer File Maintenance and define their email address in the Miscellaneous, Invoice Options tab. Any customer with an email address defined under the field, “Confirmation Email” will automatically receive an order confirmation when an order is created in Invoicing. Note that you can add multiple email addresses in our Contact Manager by defining the email as an “Invoice List”.

Once you’ve finished defining the email addresses for your customers you can sit back and entrée will do the rest. It really is as easy as that!

With very minimal set-up needed, this new Order Confirmation email can undoubtedly increase efficiency and confidence between you, your team and your customers. We hope you give it a try!