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  Anoto Estimated Cost Savings Calculator


entrée.PEN Estimated Labor Cost Savings Calculator (based on 5 day work week)

What is the average hours/day between all employees spent on scanning, manually filing signed invoices?  
If you manually file signed invoices, what is the average hours/day all employees spend searching for signed invoices?  
What is the average amount of hours/day spent by all employees applying cash receipts from drivers?  

What is the average hourly pay rate/employee for the above work?


entrée.PEN Estimated Paper
Cost Savings Calculator

How many days/week do you deliver?  
Average number of trucks making deliveries per day?  
Average number of invoices per truck?  
Average number of pages per invoice?  
Current cost of multi-part or laser printed forms: $
entrée.PEN average invoice/page cost: $
(Normally .08 cents including $0.01 for paper + $0.02 for black toner + $0.05 for color toner. Color toner costs can vary by printer and the amount of color, if any, used by your logo and other invoice print elements.)    

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