One of the biggest advantages in working with NECS has to do with our programming team and the skills and knowledge they have with both computer programming and the food distribution industry.

We strive to complete our projects in a timely manner, while providing you with the  professional experience you deserve, at a reasonable cost.

Over the years, NECS has completed thousands of custom programming projects to the satisfaction of our customers.  We’ve also saved our customers time and money by pointing out existing features of our software, that can be creatively used to provide the same end result as a custom programming project.

Most notably, we always design any custom programming to remain in place for future versions of entrée.  This ensures your investment in entrée and any custom programming services you require will remain into the future as new versions of entrée are released.  

In exchange for providing our custom programming services at  very low rates, NECS promotes the concept that many program modifications may be for the greater good of our customer base, and will make them available to other entrée users.  Many times these become options in our “System Preferences” section of entrée, allowing our customers to turn specific features on or off.  In fact, this concept has caused our entrée software to include thousands of useful features that our entire user base benefits from.

The benefits of our custom programming services include:

  • Expert programmers.  Our programming team has the experience, skills and knowledge to address your needs professionally and accurately.

  • Fast turnaround.  Most projects are completed in 4-6 weeks.

  • Expert guidance.  Our first goal is to ensure that  your custom needs are not currently addressed in our software.

  • Reasonable cost.  All projects are quoted at a reasonable cost so we stay within your budget.

  • entrée integration.  Our custom programming projects are always integrated into our entrée software, so that as new entrée program updates are released, your custom modifications will always remain.

If you would like more information related to a custom programming project to address your company’s needs, please click here.