The NECS entrée software has many different styles of invoices, loading sheets, statements, cash collection sheets, purchase orders and bills of lading. These are documents that are already supported by entrée. The styles are referred to as a document 'Type", which is a two digit code that you can change in the 'System Preferences" section of entrée.

Here we provide you with examples of the different styles of documents to enable you to pick a design that is closest or may already match your company’s needs. The NECS entrée programming team can modify any of these examples or create an entirely new form to match your exact needs.

Depending on the document chosen and any enhancements you require, there may be a charge for customization.  Please contact our Sales Department for more information.



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Bills of Lading

Cash Collection Sheet

Loading Sheet

Purchase Order

Weight Detail Sheet

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Pre Printed Dot Matrix

Plain Paper Dot Matrix

Plain Paper Laser Printer

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