Job Opportunities With NECS

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Senior Flutter Software Engineer

About the Position

NECS is looking for a senior Flutter software engineer with strong leadership and communication skills to assume the technical lead role for a strategic mobile app. The app resides exclusively on Android devices, so experience with Android apps is preferred.


A successful candidate will have the following qualifications:
  • Have experience designing and building sophisticated and highly scalable apps using Flutter and Dart.
  • Have developed two or more Android apps with Flutter and deployed them on Google Play or available on Github.
  • Have 10+ years of professional software development experience with a minimum of 5+ years in developing Android apps.
  • Have a minimum of 2+ years using Flutter and Dart.
  • Have a solid command of object-oriented concepts and the ability to execute them in application designs.
  • Be familiar with common Flutter design patterns and methodologies, including but not limited to the repository pattern, the factory pattern, and layered architecture.
  • Have demonstrated robust architecture and design skills.
  • Be familiar with Material Design Guidelines.
  • Have demonstrated solid UI/UX skills on previous projects.
  • Be familiar with Firebase Analytics and Crashlytics.
  • Have experience using Riverpod 2.x in Flutter projects.
  • Have experience working with RESTful APIs.
  • Have experience with Agile development life-cycle processes.
  • Have experience with Flutter's automated testing features, unit testing, widget testing, integration testing, and goldens;
  • Must have experience working with Git and Jenkins.
  • Have a proven ability to write readable code, create appropriate documentation for existing code, and refactor previously written code into a readable state.
  • Must have leadership experience leading software development teams.
  • Must have strong written and verbal communication skills.

Beneficial Skills

  • Java or Kotlin experience.
  • Experience with globalization and internationalization of a Flutter app.
  • Experience with IoT app development.
  • Experience writing and releasing Flutter or Dart packages.
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience with optimizing applications for Material Design.

About NECS

Founded in 1987, NECS is driven by its mission to produce top quality software for food service distributors. A true visionary, NECS President Chris Anatra possessed the foresight to recognize the then emerging technology market was severely lacking in specialized software to address the needs of wholesale food distributors and full line distributors. Over the years, the NECS software evolved into entrée, a comprehensive Windows application with more than 3 million lines of programming source code. To date, more than 2,000 wholesale food distributors have decided that the NECS entrée system is the best product to meet their demanding needs.

Company Culture

Focused on the world of fast-paced food distribution, NECS operates in the realm of high-value ERP software. We work to solve real problems instead of creating arbitrary “solutions” – ensuring the client is the hero, and we act as their guide to success. NECS stays connected to our customer-centric values by maintaining a tight-knit, collaborative team even as we grow. Our fun, ‘work-hard, play-hard’ company environment encourages employees to share their best ideas and complete their most innovative work – whether at home or in the office. We are the lead distribution software company in the world, due to our streamlined hiring process that recruits top talent. Our NECS team is committed to developing affordable software of such notable quality that our customers feel like they’re stealing it from us.