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entrée V4 SQL: Search Screens

Server requirements:
  • If you have 15 entrée users or higher, it is recommended that the Sybase Advantage Database and the entrée software are installed on their own dedicated server
  • Windows Server 2016, Windows 2008R2 Server / Windows 2012R2 Server (including Standard and Server Essentials)
  • Quad Core processor (less than 15 users) / 8 Core processor (greater than 15 users). Note that the Sybase Advantage Database Server supports multiple processors on Windows. It is multi-threaded and will perform each user request database operation concurrently or in parallel if multiple processors are present.
  • Intel Xeon E-5 24/26 XX v2 series 3.0ghz or greater
  • 16GB for up to 14 users / 32GB for 15 users or more
  • Windows 64-Bit
  • 500GB hard drive, 1TB recommended
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • For optimal speed, NECS recommends an enterprise class SSD (Solid State Drive) rather than a traditional hard drive with moving parts, such as the Samsung EVO series. Always perform regular daily backups and the SSD should be replaced when the manufacturer's warranty expires.
Workstation requirements:
  • Windows 7 / Windows 10
  • Intel i5 or greater
  • 4GB RAM (8GB desirable)
  • 1360 x 768 minimum monitor resolution
  • 200GB hard drive
  • The entrée data files should not be installed on the terminal server. Instead they should live on a separate file server.
  • In order for entrée V4 to run at optimal speed, please click here to run our System Optimizer tool. Not having the values specified from this tool will cause your entrée V4 system to run at a much slower than optimal speed.

Search Screens to Help You Find What You Need Fast

One of the most frequently used features of entrée is the Search Screens.  When your system holds volumes of important data, finding what you need quickly and easily becomes a top priority to effectively use our software.  Search Screens are available for all the key databases in entrée including inventory, brands, customers, contacts, vendors, salespeople, invoices, purchase orders, etc.  Based on the power of SQL, search results are displayed almost immediately from your databases containing hundreds of thousands or millions of records.

Completely Customizable

All of the Search Screens are completely customizable down to the user level.  You can define a specific Search Screen format for each database that is your "Local Company Default", and then allow individual users to further enhance the format to suit their specific searching needs known as a "Personal Default".  There are many data fields available to search and the "Info Panel" feature displays even more information per record.

Sorting and Grouping

Data on the Search Screens can be easily sorted and grouped. For example, when searching in the Inventory File, you can easily group all items by Brand Name, then further group those results by Class, etc. Or when searching for customer invoices, you can group the search by Customer Number or by Invoice Date. This is a truly powerful way to see and locate your data quickly.

View Images in Your Searches

Search Screens fully support displaying images. For example, when searching in the Inventory File, you can display the item image, brand logo and class image. You can view images as thumbnail, medium and large sizes. Pictures speak a thousand words, and when you can visualize your data, it makes using the search features of entrée so much faster and intuitive.

Video Tutorial for Using the Search Screens

You can learn more about the Search Screens by watching the 8-minute video presented by NECS President, Chris Anatra. Here the basics of setting up and using the Search Screens are covered including important new features such as "Grouping" to organize your data and help you find what you need faster than ever.