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Electronic Warehouse Manager: Pick List

The Electronic Warehouse Manager requires  entrée V3/V4
Android version 4.1 or later
Galaxy S2 8" or 9"
Bluetooth barcode laser scanner
KDC350 Barcode Scanner with Finger Trigger Glove recommended
Socket Mobile CHS 7Pi scanner recommended
Bluetooth enabled weight scale

Doran Scales recommended

Rice Lake:
CW-90X Over/Under Washdown Checkweigher
(Requires Bluetooth Interface, recommended IOGEAR Bluetooth Serial Adapter, GBC232A)

Route Selection

Many food distributors begin their picking process with a printed report in entrée called the "Pick List".  The Pick List report groups by delivery route and provides the total amount required of each item for bulk picking.  When these items are bulk picked, they are then brought to the loading dock area for separation per customer order via the Loading Sheets.  The Pick List option in the Electronic Warehouse Manager eliminates printing a paper report while providing real time information. 

When selecting the Pick List menu option, the user will first be prompted to select the route they will be picking for.  All of the available routes for the selected delivery date will display, as truck icons. Each of these truck icons are color coded (green, yellow, orange & red) so you can quickly determine how much of the items for that route still need to be picked.  Notice also that a number in parenthesis appears next to the name of the route. This number represents how many customer orders are scheduled to be delivered and have not yet been picked.

Picking by Route

After the route is selected, the Pick List screen will display the total amount required of each item for bulk picking. On this screen, the user can see each item required for the route, mark items as they are picked, filter items displayed (by temperature zone, CASE only, non-CASE only, catch weights, etc.), sort items (by item number, temperature zone, item description, warehouse location, quantity ordered or UOM), view specific information about the item and view the specific invoices which require the selected item for that route.  As each item is picked in bulk, the user will touch the red box in the 'Picked' column. The box will then change to a green check mark, indicated that the item was picked and that the user is advancing to the next item. If other users are picking for this route, they can touch the "Refresh" button to see the other items that have been picked by other tablet users.