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Electronic Warehouse Manager: PO Receiving

The Electronic Warehouse Manager requires  entrée V3/V4
Android version 4.1 or later
Galaxy S2 8" or 9"
Bluetooth barcode laser scanner
KDC350 Barcode Scanner with Finger Trigger Glove recommended
Socket Mobile CHS 7Pi scanner recommended
Bluetooth enabled weight scale

Doran Scales recommended

Rice Lake:
CW-90X Over/Under Washdown Checkweigher
(Requires Bluetooth Interface, recommended IOGEAR Bluetooth Serial Adapter, GBC232A)

Vendor Selection

The Purchase Order Receiving option allows a food distributor to view and update open purchase orders when inventory delivered to the warehouse. The user is allowed to receive both quantities and weights for incoming product, but will not have access to any cost information. When selecting this option, the user will be presented with the Vendor Selection screen. Based upon the receiving date parameters (defined at the bottom of the screen), all vendor's which have open purchase orders will be displayed as red truck icons running down the left side of the screen. The truck icon will include the name of the vendor and the number in parenthesis indicates the number of open purchase orders for that vendor. Touching a vendor's truck icon will change the truck's color to blue and display a listing of the specific open purchase orders for that vendor, including the last received date and open number of cases. The user simply touches the specific purchase order they would like to receive to advance to the next step.

Inventory Receiving Process

After the user selects the purchase order to be received, the PO Receiving screen will be displayed showing all of the items on the purchase order. This includes any previously received inventory. Here the warehouse user can view purchase order comments and scan or enter received quantities and weights per item. Note that if an acceptable GS1 Pallet Label is present, that label can be scanned to update inventory with all items on the pallet. The warehouse user also has the option to bulk enter quantities and weights, rather than scan/enter each item on the pallet. They can filter items by temperature zone, CASE only, non-CASE only and catch weights as well as sort the line items displayed by item number, quantity open, weight open, weight received, UOM or item description. The bottom right corner of the screen provides a "Receive All" feature. Touching this button will automatically make all the received quantities and weights match the ordered amounts, though nothing is updated until the user presses the "Finish" button. This feature may help speed the receiving process if you select this option first when entering this screen, so that the user only needs to make correcting entries for the items which did not get received in full.

Barcode Information Scanned, Captured & Saved

When scanning incoming inventory during the receiving process, all the information encoded in the barcode label is captured and saved within entrée. This includes Lot Numbers and Expiration Dates even if your inventory is not configured to be "Tracked by Lot". This provides you with the advantage of being able to address product recalls based upon lot numbers, as this information is also captured when scanning items during the picking process for customer orders. You can then pinpoint the specific customers which received recalled product and also check if any existing recalled product is sitting in your inventory.