entrée.NET Import/Export Errors

Errors that occur during the Import of Orders into entrée or when Exporting Data to entrée.NET.


Error 103 Timeout.

Host Not Found.

Error 301 Interrupted.



These errors are caused by network problems and are generally something that NECS cannot correct or provide assistance in resolving.


When entrée tries to perform an Import or Export with entrée.NET, it needs a strong internet connection to do so.  In most cases, these errors can occur if the internet connection is down, has a weak signal, or has a severe spike in ping.


Caution Running entrée or any components of entrée on a WiFi connection is not recommended.



We recommend following these steps in the order listed to resolve the problem.


1.If your computer is using a WiFi connection to access the internet, please switch to an Ethernet connection and try the task again.

2.Restart the computer that is trying to perform the Import or Export and try again.

3.Try running the import or export task on a different computer.

4.Completely turn off your internet modem, wait 30 seconds, then turn it back on. Allow the modem to establish all of its connections and try the task again.

5.If you’re still having problems try waiting 15 - 20 minutes and see if your internet problems resolve on their own. Internet connections can fade in and out due to a bad line coming into the building or faulty hardware. Internet problems usually can correct themselves after some time has gone by.

6.If the problem remains unresolved after waiting, it is recommended that you reach out to your IT Department to investigate this matter to determine what is causing your connection to fail.