Common Errors

Error -70

Error -120, Codebase -120

Error -310

Error -930

Check Flush errors

Severe spikes in lagging



These errors or lag can occur when entrée V3 is trying to communicate with the database on your server and something interrupts that communication. This can happen from such things as when a workstation has lost its network connection to the server or has such a poor connection, that it cannot properly communicate with the server.  


Since these are network errors, they are generally not something we can assist with. There are so many different factors involved with your network that can case these types of errors but for a more detailed list of these factors, please click here to view our "Network Issues" guide.



These errors are a result of something interfering with entrée’s communication back to the server so we do not have the ability to correct it. If they continue to happen get your IT Department involved to investigate possible causes.


These are some suggestions to try and get around these errors when they pop up. Follow the steps in the order they are listed.


Error -310 or Error -930: If you are experiencing either of these errors and they are happening on all workstations, please get everyone out of the entrée system and run a Reindex of your files.  

This can be done by having one user login to entrée, go to System > Reindex Files > Select "ReindexOnly" as well as "All files EXCEPT Year-to-date" and click GO.  


Once the Reindex completes, see if the error has gone away.  If you aren’t experiencing these errors, please move onto the next steps.


1.Completely close entrée on the workstation having the issue and have them log back in to perform the same task and see if the issue is resolved.

2.If the error persists, we recommend restarting this particular workstation, have them log back into entrée and try the task again.

3.Whatever they are trying to do on this workstation, have them try that same task on a different workstation to see if they are getting the same error.  If they aren’t, this tells us it is an issue with the original workstation.  If you are experiencing this issue on all of your workstations, this tells us it is an issue with your server or network router/switch.  If this is an issue with just one workstation, we recommend stopping at this point and investigate this workstation further, looking to see if it is having connection issues to the network, hardware failure etc.

4.If you are having this issue on all workstations, try restarting your server and try the tasks again on the workstations.

5.Try restarting your network router/switch that controls the network communications for these computers and try the task again.

6.Please reference the Network Problems section which will contain some additional suggestions of areas to look when the failure is happening to one workstation or multiple workstations.