entrée FaxMan

A New Generation of Food Distribution Software




The Faxman software module adds a powerful faxing engine to your NECS entrée software, using standard fax/modems.

It's completely integrated into your entrée software for retrieval of fax numbers and other dialing information.

Not only can all entrée documents and reports be automatically faxed, it includes a powerful feature related to unattended batch faxing of Price Lists. This allows you to have customized Price Lists automatically faxed to your customers at certain times. Generating beautiful, easy to read Price Lists is one of the many attractive features of entree. Not only can they be emailed as PDF files to your customers, but with Faxman, you have the option of faxing those same documents to your customers that may not accept email yet.

The Faxman module includes extensive history where you can view pending, in-process, completed and failed faxes by date range.

Faxman is the solution to your faxing needs with your NECS entrée software.

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