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entrée.NET: DSR Features

Your DSRs Have Access to All Their Customer Accounts

Your DSRs (Distributor Sales Representatives) can take full advantage of entrée.NET anywhere an Internet connection is available, whether from the office, at home or on the road. You have many options to give your DSRs control over customer accounts and product pricing.  Each DSR can view and place orders for all their customers.  You can turn on the "Sales Manager" feature, and allow a DSR to view and place orders for all, not just their assigned customers.  You can also allow them to setup entrée.NET accounts for their customers including the assignment of usernames and passwords to facilitate the customer's use of entrée.NET to be as quick as possible.

Price Editing When Creating Customer Orders

When your DSR enters a customer order with entrée.NET, if you choose, you can provide them with the ability to edit the pricing on the order.  Normally the pricing which automatically comes up on the customer's order is correct, as it follows the many rules for pricing that you establish for the customer in your main entrée system.  However, if you prefer a DSR the flexibility to edit prices, entrée.NET allows them to edit pricing, but they must be above the defined Minimum Sell Price for the item.  Also, besides typing a price directly in, they can optionally enter a percent and the system will calculate the sell price over the items defined Base Cost.  This new pricing can be automatically saved for the next time that item is ordered by the customer.

Customer Prospecting Tools to Earn New Business

An important feature for your DSRs using entrée.NET is to provide them with a set of tools to manage and prepare quotes for potential customers or prospects. DSRs can create, edit, and delete prospect accounts and create Prospect Guides to provide price quotes. Prospect Guides can be printed or emailed to the potential customer.  The Prospect Guide is very similar to the Order Guide feature provided for customers in entrée.NET.  The prices in the prospect guide can be edited as required by your DSRs.  A key element of the prospects feature is the ability to easily convert a prospect into a regular customer account in the main entrée system. A designated "Prospects Manager" is allowed to convert prospect accounts to live customer accounts.

Sales Breakdown Chart

Your DSRs can view graphs within entrée.NET detailing their sales on a daily, weekly or yearly basis, as well as gross profit.  This is a simple yet informative option to quickly let the DSR analyze their sales performance.


The Salesperson Experience

To experience how your DSRs will make the most of entrée.NET, you can watch the 5 minute video walkthrough which covers the highlights. Besides this video being very informative, it is also a great training tool for your DSRs to watch so they can utilize the special features of entrée.NET provided to them. This includes how to use the sales dashboard, how to place orders for their customers, viewing their commission and gross profit as they create orders, edit customer special pricing, etc.