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entree.NET Scheduled Maintenance for Sunday, 11/28/10


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entree.NET Scheduled Maintenance for Sunday, 11/28/10

Nov 05 2010
 This announcement is to inform entree.NET customers of an upcoming maintenance window scheduled for Sunday, November 28th, 2010 beginning at 8:00AM EST and running for approximately 8 hours. During this period there will be an interruption of service while we transfer your site to a new hosting facility and server configuration.

Note that no orders will be lost during this transition.

The popularity of our entree.NET system, the growing amount of customers using the system, and the high number of daily transactions, have prompted us to upgrade our servers and move to a more robust server farm which can accommodate our growth now and into the future.  The end result is that you will have an improved experience related to speed and stability of the entree.NET system.

In order to accommodate this transfer some action will be required by entree.NET customers:

 * All distributors using entree.NET version 3 MUST upgrade to entree 3.5.11 or later PRIOR to the transfer. As part of this server transfer the data import and export process has been significantly updated to provide increased stability and reduce the time required to transfer data updates. This entree update is required to ensure you can continue to export and import orders after the server transfer.

 * After the server transfer has been completed all distributors will be required to re-export their "13 Month Sales History" data. In order to minimize downtime this data will not be migrated to the new database servers.

 * Any distributors with websites which have not transferred or registered their domain with NECS, or still maintain control over their DNS records, will be required to update their DNS records with the IP address information for our new servers. NECS will provide IP forwarding to the new servers for a period of time to aid in this transition. If this applies to your company we will contact you with the necessary information.

 * Any distributors who required custom firewall rules be added to their internal network configurations to communicate with the entree.NET server will need to have these rules updated by their IT staff.