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Special upgrade offer for entrée V4, expires 12/31/15


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Special upgrade offer for entrée V4, expires 12/31/15

Nov 27 2015
We are now approaching two years since we released V4 of entrée.  Although many of you have already upgraded and enjoying all the new features, there are still some of you using older versions. 

In order to make the upgrade to V4 more appealing, we are offering a special upgrade discount until 12/31/15.

Starting 01/01/16, there will be a noticeable increase in cost for upgrading to V4.  So now is the time to plan and purchase your upgrade to V4.

Here are some reasons why upgrading to entrée V4 is so important:

·         Effective 07/01/16 we will no longer be doing custom modifications for V3.  We will still support those customers using V3, but our computer programming department will be fully moved into working exclusively on entrée V4 projects and enhancements.

·         entrée V3 is NOT compatible with Microsoft Windows Server 2012.  Many of you have been upgrading your servers because Microsoft Server 2003 is being discontinued, only to discover that your V3 software is not running properly and causing network errors and your important entrée data files to become corrupted.  This is because V3 and before of entrée uses the old style dBase / FoxPro type database files (from the 1990's).  However entrée V4 with its new SQL database tables (using Sybase Advantage SQL from SAP) was designed for Windows Server 2012 and later.  This is an issue you will need to address at some point in the near future, so why not now and receive a discount at the same time.

·         entrée V4 is the future and all the many new features just blow the old V3 system away.  To learn more about the features of V4 and the System Requirements for running it on both a server and a workstations, click here:

Please contact either Harold Haynes (ext 12 or email: or Dan Haynes (ext 16 or email: for your special discount and to compare what the increase in upgrade pricing will be in 2016.