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Version 3.5.14 of entrée is now available!


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Version 3.5.14 of entrée is now available!

Jan 31 2011
Click here to log on to the Customer Support section of our web site to review the Readme.TXT release notes and download the update.

NOTICE: With this release we are greatly simplifying the process of updating entrée. There will now be just one update installer which will be able to update most any previous version of the application. At around 40 megabytes the file is rather large but we have found that the vast majority of NECS customers have high-speed Internet connections which makes it so that the increased size really doesn't matter. One important advantage of this new update process is that it will now be able to update entrée installations that have been corrupted or otherwise damaged. There may, of course, be situations that even this new process will not be able to handle but we expect that the "invalid previous verson" warning will be seen much less often with these new updates.

Also, because the Help files are updated far less often than the application itself, we are permanently separating the application updates from the Help file updates. To update your Help files you can either use the "Web Help Update" feature that is built into the entrée application or you can download and install the separate Help Update installer.