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Special Offer: 15% Discount when pre-ordering the Dot Foods Interface, entree.DOT


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Special Offer: 15% Discount when pre-ordering the Dot Foods Interface, entree.DOT

Mar 15 2011
NECS has been working with Dot Foods to provide a new interface which allows NECS entrée users to automate procedures related to costs, pricing, purchasing and receiving, along with the ability to make your entire order guide from Dot Foods available to your customers. 

This new software module is named: entrée.DOT and is scheduled for release the week of April 18th.

If you pre-order before April 8th, 2011, we will provide you with a 15% discount off the normal price of $1,495 (unlimited users)… as well as provide you with a 30 day, money back guarantee.  Your special price of $1,270 saves you $225.

Click here to download the pre-order form to lock in your savings.  Please fill it out and either fax back to us with your credit card info, or mail back with a check.  The NECS fax number is 203.245.4513.

Now on to a key feature, the new “Dot Foods Control Panel”:

The Dot Foods Control Panel lets you efficiently manage your entire Dot Foods catalog from a single intuitive, yet powerful utility.

Below are two screen shots that show different views of the Dot Foods Control Panel:

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

With the Dot Foods Control Panel, you can:

* Import new products from your Dot Foods catalog as a “Special Order Items”.  These are products that will be shipped to your warehouse with your regular Dot Foods order, as your customers order them.

* Import new products from your Dot Foods catalog as a "Drop Ship" items.  These are products that Dot Foods will ship directly to your customer.

* Manage the products you regularly stock from the Dot Foods Catalog.

* Apply cost/price changes to all of your Dot Foods products with a single click, or if you need a more selective process pick and choose the items to update.

* The main grid is completely customizable, letting you choose which columns are displayed, in the order you choose. You can even change the font on a per column basis.

* To help keep the amount of data that is displayed in the grid manageable, the Control Panel has a built in filtering system. Setup the conditions for a group of products and save that as a configuration for future operations

* The Control Panel was designed to be displayed with a minimum resolution of 1024x768, to make better use of today’s high definition monitors.

* View pending sales of special order and drop ship items, and optionally override those sales should you have a different product that may suit your customers needs better

* View historical sales of special order items, to see if there are any products that should be moved into a regular stock item.

Of course, there are many other features, and we plan to have full documentation ready in the next few weeks.  You can click here to review our draft release document that outlines the other features.

Note that you will need an Internet connection to use this module related to data import/export features between your entrée server and Dot Foods.  Nothing else is required (besides an account with Dot Foods and entrée version 3).