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NECS at the Golbon Fall Partners Conference, October 12-15th, 2011


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NECS at the Golbon Fall Partners Conference, October 12-15th, 2011

Sep 05 2011
Visit NECS at the Golbon "Fall Partners Conference and Annual Awards", in Boise, ID, October 12-15, 2011.

Golbon was formed in 1963 to provide food service distributors premium frozen fruits, vegetables, and potatoes through forward warehousing programs. Golbon has since emerged as a full service, broadline purchasing and marketing group for independent food service distributors.

Golbon invites only select suppliers for this fiscal year-ending conference to bring a focused effort on strategic planning for the upcoming year. 

We are proud to be a select supplier to members of the Golbon Buying Group.

Golbon has arranged for a new forum at this upcoming conference on October 12th, called the "Service Provider Exchange" for a limited number of suppliers in the "services" area.  

NECS has been invited to attend the "Service Provider Exchange" as part of this special group of select suppliers, and we are very happy to be there.  It will provide us the opportunity to meet with Golbon distributors in a more intimate setting and environment focused only on service providers.  

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