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First Blog posting - the ELECTRONIC LOADING SHEET


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First Blog posting - the ELECTRONIC LOADING SHEET

Oct 19 2011
 As a way to keep you informed about the projects and new features we are working on for you here at NECS, we’ve added a “Blog” section to the NECS web site.  You will find the link for the “Blog” on the far right of the menu bar on our site.

The Blogs will include “Polls” in the Blog posting, so that you can provide your feedback, and steer us in the right direction as we embark on new ideas.

The first Blog posting is about a secret project that we’ve been working on for about 9 months.

It’s called the “ELECTRONIC LOADING SHEET”, whose purpose is to increase your order picking productivity, reduce picking errors to zero and save time in both the warehouse and your office.

Some of you that attended the Golbon Food Show in Boise, ID, last week, were able to see a sneak preview of this new system.

For all the details, please read my posting at: