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NECS Announces Its New Version Of Entrée, Which Substantially Improves The Ability For Foodservice Distributors To Accept Orders Via The Internet


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NECS Announces Its New Version Of Entrée, Which Substantially Improves The Ability For Foodservice Distributors To Accept Orders Via The Internet

Feb 10 2010
NECS, Inc. ( creator of computer software for the food distribution industry since 1987, announces version 3 of entrée.NET, its web-based software for online ordering. Now food distributors can have a complete presence on the Web to provide their customers with the online tools they have been asking for in a program that is both easy to use and visually appealing. This new version is designed for foodservice distributors offering a full line of products, as well as for those who specialize in meat, cheese, poultry, produce, seafood or dairy products.

Madison, Connecticut (PRWEB) -- Building on its experience of pioneering automation in the foodservice distribution industry, NECS , a Connecticut-based software company, announces its latest product upgrade to entrée.NET. Version 3 joins the popular entrée line of software currently in use by over 1,500 foodservice distributors nationwide.

"We've spent more than a year, planning and programming this latest version. We've listened to what our customers want, and designed a state-of-the-art product to help food distributors grow their businesses. In today's economy, food distributors need every edge to be a leader in their area." Chris Anatra, President of NECS, Inc.

Using entrée.NET, it is easy and secure for customers to enter their own orders and sales reps can review customer orders anywhere there is an Internet connection. This advantage frees up sales reps time to service more complex accounts and to concentrate on generating new business.

Features of version 3 of entrée.NET include a website front end, online ordering, order guides, customer reporting, customer account statements, weekly specials, product catalog, messaging system, along with a comprehensive email-based system to stay in contact with customers. More than one front-end option is provided to appeal to the specific needs of specialty distributors. This front-end option is important for food distribution operations still without websites, for those using outdated ones and for distributors who want to eliminate the costs of an outside website developer. Foodservice distributors that already have a website and do not want to change it, can also utilize all the features of entrée.NET.

A foodservice distributor's complete Price List or Catalog is available for customers to view, print, and search for items. An extensive amount of information can be displayed or disabled. Item information can include pictures, brand names, units of measure, pack sizes, UPC numbers, and comprehensive item notes. A website link can be specified per item, providing the customer with many more details, like nutritional information or the manufacturer's website.

The most obvious strength of entrée.NET is online order entry. With version 3, NECS updated and streamlined the process, making it faster for online users to enter orders, while providing tools to also make it easier. Using the customers sales history, entrée.NET prompts them to remember which items to purchase. These alerts can help to increase the food distributors bottom line, as costs are lowered and sales are increased, avoiding the need to make special delivery runs for a customer's out-of-stock frequently-ordered items.

Version 3 of entrée.NET provides 13 months of sales history, including orders entered via entrée.NET, orders entered in a food distributors main office, and orders entered via entrée®.DSR (DSR stands for Distributors Sales Representative, and is a laptop order entry system) and maintains this information to generate reports. Reporting in version 3 is also improved by having more report options, while making the generation of reports both faster and easier. Customers can also choose to have their reports generated as Excel spreadsheets or PDF files.

Customers also gain an easy to use Report Configuration screen to customize and save the style of report they prefer. For example, they can select the date range, choose filters, and select how the report sorts and subtotals.

Pricing for entrée.NET starts at $995, and all plans provide a seamless link to a food distributors main entrée.NET database. Three different plans are available for purchase: Website only, entrée.NET only, or both Website and entrée.NET. Larger distributors have the option of running this new software on their own dedicated server.

For more information about entrée.NET, visit , or call 203.245.3999.


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