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Electronic Order Pad: Customer Prospecting

The Electronic Order Pad requires  entrée V3/V4
Tablet Requirements:
Apple iPad & iPad Mini (2nd generation or later)
Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet (recommended for Android)
Connection to the Internet, such as WIFI or cell data plan from Verizon, AT&T, etc.
"The ELECTRONIC ORDER PAD has brought new excitement to my sales force. From its simplicity of use, to all its features, my company is sold on this technology for our future growth. I give the ELECTRONIC ORDER PAD my highest recommendation."
- Justin Wilhoit, Atlantic Distributors, Inc.

"The ELECTRONIC ORDER PAD has helped our sales team be more efficient and productive. With their iPad, the DSR can literally bring every product description with them on sales calls, have access to current inventory levels, and streamlines the ordering process. It has moved our business years ahead of where we were before, and we highly recommend it to other NECS customers!"
- Chad Stamm, Altamira Foods

Prospecting for New Customers

The purpose of the Prospects feature is to provide a set of tools which can be used by the DSR to manage and prepare quotes for potential customers. An important part of this feature is the ability to easily convert a prospect into a regular customer account in the main entrée system.  DSR's can create, edit, and delete prospect accounts and create "Prospect Guides" to provide price quotes.  The DSR can indicate a default Price Level to be used for pricing and quote specific pricing when needed to earn the customers account.

Prospect Guide

The Guide tab of the Prospects section is similar to the "Order Guides" your DSR can create for customers. It is here that you can define all the items to appear on a price quote to a prospect. A DSR is allowed to edit one guide per prospect and can editing the pricing by touching the "Unit Price" field. The pricing is normally determined by the price level when creating the prospect.


Converting Prospects to Live Customers

When a prospect is ready to become a live customer, the DSR will touch the "Ready to Convert" check box and the status of the prospect will be set to "Pending".  At this point the DSR will not be allowed to make any additional changes to the prospect.  Now only the user assigned as the "Prospects Manager" via the entrée.NET Administrator area can change the prospect information and prospect guide and will complete the simple process to convert to a live customer account.  When converting they have the options of assigning a live Customer Number and creating a Standard Order with the items and pricing defined by the DSR.