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Electronic Order Pad: Reports

The Electronic Order Pad requires  entrée V3/V4
Tablet Requirements:
Apple iPad & iPad Mini (2nd generation or later)
Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet (recommended for Android)
Connection to the Internet, such as WIFI or cell data plan from Verizon, AT&T, etc.
"The ELECTRONIC ORDER PAD has brought new excitement to my sales force. From its simplicity of use, to all its features, my company is sold on this technology for our future growth. I give the ELECTRONIC ORDER PAD my highest recommendation."
- Justin Wilhoit, Atlantic Distributors, Inc.

"The ELECTRONIC ORDER PAD has helped our sales team be more efficient and productive. With their iPad, the DSR can literally bring every product description with them on sales calls, have access to current inventory levels, and streamlines the ordering process. It has moved our business years ahead of where we were before, and we highly recommend it to other NECS customers!"
- Chad Stamm, Altamira Foods

Creating Reports

Your DSRs will love taking advantage of all the reporting features that the Electronic Order Pad provides.  This includes having access of up to 13 months of customer sales history and being  fully customizable to provide control over data fields to include, filtering, as well as sorting and grouping on select fields.  Multiple "Filters" can be defined per report to provide the exact information needed.  Reports can be based off an entire "Bill To'" account or can based on specific "Ship To" locations.  Report styles include:

Report Generation

When generating reports, your DSR can specify such parameters as the beginning and ending date ranges, data fields to use as columns, primary and secondary sorting orders and filtering options. This is a very flexible and easy to use reporting engine which provides many options to create the exact style of report required.


Emailing Reports

Reports can be emailed as either a PDF or Excel document and sent to any number of recipients.   Recipient email addresses can be added from their customer list or typed using the pop up key pad.  It's important to note that your System Administrator must first enable the report email feature for the DSR, and also must indicate which reports are allowed to be emailed.  This helps prevent situations where you want to restrict a DSR from emailing important information which they are not authorized.