What our customers are saying

The service I get from NECS throughout the years has been excellent.    I've recommended the entrée software throughout the years to several distributors as the best software for a food distributor at the most affordable price.

Stephen Marque
Vice President, Marque's Food Distributors

Get on board as soon as you can with this software.  It works well for us and every food distributor that I've ever known has nothing but good things to say about NECS.  The entrée software definitely modernized our business and made us more efficient and productive.

Scott Nevland
General Manager, Guderian Foods

I would recommend entrée to other food distributors. We chose NECS because we extensively visited other food distributors that were using it and they were all very satisfied.  I couldn't imagine doing business without it.

Tom Wheat
President, Cable Meat and Food Service

The entrée software gives us everything that is necessary for our operation.  I don't even need an IT person to run our computers because of the ease-of-use of entrée.  More than anything is the excellent support you get from NECS.  Our computer software has to do more than it's ever done before, and for that entrée is the way to go.

Bill Borges
President, New Orleans Fish House

I think we are a step ahead of the biggest broad liners in the business right now, because of entrée.

Barry Melotte
Sales & Marketing Manager, Melotte Distributing, Inc.