entrée V3 Error Messages

Program Errors & Messages

File Access Denied: This error can occur when first trying to login to entrée on a computer. The cause, entrée is being denied access to the entrée error log folder located in "C:\ProgramData\NECS"

Solution: This can easily be corrected by granting "Everyone" permissions to the "C:\ProgramData\NECS" folder on that workstation. For instructions on how to do this, click here.


Access Violation errors: These errors can happen randomly when performing tasks in entrée. These are some common causes of access violation errors.

1.Incorrect permissions on a user’s Windows account.

2.When anti-virus software is blocking certain program files from being used.

3.entrée is trying to use a program file that is already in use by a different program.

4.Some other factor has caused an access violation when entrée is unable to access a program file.


Solution: These errors happen randomly and are caused by factors outside of entrée. We do not have any way of correcting or preventing these errors from happening. Usually restarting entrée or restarting that computer workstation will get you past this error.


Entry Point Not Found: This error is commonly seen when an entrée program file has been deleted from the computer it runs on. This can sometimes happen from anti-virus software thinking the program files were a threat and removed them from the computer.


Solution: You can usually get around this error by uninstalling entrée through the control panel and reinstalling it using the FP2K.exe file that should already be shared out on your server and available to access from each workstation.  It typically lives in the "WSUpdate" folder.


Maximum Licenses Exceeded:This message occurs when you have the maximum licenses being used for what your company has purchased for entrée and you are trying to exceed that limit.


Solution: If you are getting this message, it either means that you have legitimately exceeded your entrée license count because you’re trying to log too many people into entrée, or your server is holding an old user connection open to the database.


The quickest, and safest way around this, is to get everyone out of entrée and restart your server. This will terminate all connections and lock files that are being made to your entrée database.


When your server is back online, please have your employees try to log back into entrée and you should be able to use all of your entrée licenses now. We cannot control your server holding these old connections open so this is currently the only solution for this.