Chris Anatra holding award for ERP software of the year from Food Logistics

Who We Are

NECS began in 1987 with its sole mission to produce top quality software for foodservice distributors. At that time, company president, Chris Anatra had determined that the software market was severely lacking in specialized software to address the needs of wholesale food distributors, especially those dealing with meat, seafood, produce, cheese as well as full line distributors.

The only products available at that time were needlessly complex, difficult to use, required expensive computer hardware costing into the six figures, and still did not meet all the needs of the foodservice distributor.

During this time period, the computer industry was beginning its move from large mainframe and mini computer systems, to the more economical personal computer such, as the IBM PC. Chris Anatra, president of NECS and the original developer of the NECS software, saw the opportunity to design a system based on the Microsoft and networking technologies available at that time. By adapting to this new technology early, it turned out to be a brilliant move that set NECS to become the leader in food distribution software. NECS was able to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use software package, at an economical price.

Adapting to new technology early, and constantly providing new features for our user base, continues to be our company mission.

Over the years, the system has evolved into entrée, a comprehensive Windows application with more than 3 million lines of programming source code.

To date, more than 2,000 wholesale food distributors have decided that the NECS entrée system is the best product to meet their demanding needs. Our large network of satisfied customers makes this decision even easier.

Foodservice distributors which run their operations on NECS computer software are more profitable and operate more efficiently on reduced staffs. This leaves NECS with an enthusiastic user base, who readily recommend NECS software to other wholesale food distributors.

NECS customers range in size from smaller distributors with sales revenues of a few million per year, up to distributors with sales exceeding $500 million per year. The average size NECS customer has sales of $25-50 million/year, and requires 20-30 workstations.