Online Order Entry for Customers & DSRs

The entrée.NET system offers your customers the convenience of entering their own orders online, at any time.  Your entire product catalog will be visible to users along with detailed product information, and “Almost Real Time” inventory and pricing.  “Almost Real Time” is determined by the regular time frame (i.e. 5 minutes) you set for the system to update.  Using entrée.NET will improve the accuracy of orders as customers will be able to view their complete sales history, and increase your sales due to the convenience of placing an order.

Order Guides to Make Ordering Easy

When using entrée.NET, customers or DSRs can create, or use Order Guides- a list of specific items commonly ordered together.  These guides can be created by department, day of the week, or business location for franchise customers.   Order guides will ensure that your customer remembers to order everything they need.


The entrée.NET system includes reporting capabilities for up to 13 months of customer sales history.  All reports are fully customizable, allowing you to completely control all data fields, filtering and sorting options.  Report styles include: