Order Entry and More

The Electronic Order Pad is a tool that allows your DSRs to take customer’s orders in the field, using a mobile tablet, such as the Apple iPad or an Android.  Besides order entry this tool allows DSRs to create customer credits, exchange messages between the office and your DSRs, define a customer's order guides, generate reports with up to 13 months of sales history, create quotes, and manage new customer prospects.  Because, the Electronic Order Pad requires an internet connection to communicate directly with the cloud based entrée.NET system, DSRs will be able to view inventory, costs, pricing, and accounts receivable in “Almost Real Time”, or as frequently as your system updates. 

For a more detailed description about how Electronic Order Pad can solve 7 common problems DSRs encounter download our white paper.

Creating an Order

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DSRs will be able to view your entire product catalog on their mobile device, and be able to place orders quickly and accurately with our completely customizable “Order Guides”.  The “Standard Order” tab will display all of the items that a customer has purchased from you in the past, using this will ensure that a customer does not forget any of the items they need.  DSRs can also view items that have “fallen off” a customer’s order history in the Fall Off tab, so they can attempt to regain these sales.

While creating an order, DSRs will be able to create and edit customer Special Pricing and Bid/Contract Pricing.  These changes will automatically be saved in entrée and automatically update as your costs fluctuate.  While placing an order, DSRs can also view their Gross Profit.  The color codes screen on the right easily shows your DSR which items meet your ideal gross profit margin percentages.

Red - represents a gross profit margin % that falls below your company’s minimum requirement.
Yellow - represents a gross profit margin % that falls above your minimum but below your ideal level.
Green - Represents a gross profit margin % that meets or exceeds your ideal level.

Customer Shortages

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The Customer Shortages option allows your DSR to be aware of and view shortage information from customer invoices. This feature will make it easier to take care of shortage situations with customers early and avoid losing sales. Only orders that have been submitted to the main entrée system and have been printed as an invoice are used when generating shortage information. When the Quantity Shipped is less than the Quantity Ordered it is interpreted as a shortage. The "$ Lost" because of shortage is displayed per line item and the "View Invoice" button shows the entire customer invoice.

Dashboards and Reports

The Electronic Order Pad allows DSRs to see a number of unique dashboards, such as Total Sales, Sales by City, and Account Receivable Overview.  Dashboards allow your DSRs to track their progress, and identify where there is room for improvement. 

Similarly, DSRs can generate completely customizable reports from up to 13 months of customer sales history.  Report styles include:

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