Take Your Operation to the Next Level


This easy to use Android-based application for your drivers represents a powerful, cost saving tool which is the perfect solution to bring efficiency to your drivers and your operation. It provides all the Proof-Of-Delivery features you would expect so you can achieve zero delivery errors and get your drivers back on the road ASAP for their next stop.


Your drivers represent your food service operation. Providing them with this technology not only allows them to work faster and more accurately, but it also sends a message to your customers that you embrace the latest technology to ensure that their needs are met. The entrée.POD system keeps you and your customers happy by ensuring that every item was delivered properly. Delivery confirmation can be made by barcode scanning shipping labels. It handles item shorts, miss-picks, damages, and scheduled/unscheduled pickups. The customer’s signature can be electronically captured while all changes to the delivery document can be updated into your main entrée V4 software in minutes. You’ll receive accurate information from the moment the truck leaves the warehouse to the time delivery is confirmed. With the ability to track all deliveries/pick-ups, you can eliminate the unnecessary expense of sending duplicate shipments to cover deliveries customers claim did not occur.


In order to ensure that the driver is delivering the proper items to the customer, you can generate Shipping Labels which are affixed to each CASE, etc. as the items are placed onto pallets for delivery or loaded into the truck. Note that one label will print for each item, so that if a quantity of 6 are being delivered, the first label will read 1 of 6, then 2 of 6, etc. The driver must scan each label as they are delivered to the customer. The size, design and graphical elements of the label can be completely customized via entrée’s label design features. Note that this function of requiring the driver to scan each item is optional.

Collect Payments, Take Pictures, Print Receipts, Stock Reconciliation for Theft Reduction

A challenge many foodservice distributors face is keeping track of cash and checks collected by the drivers, and then quickly and easily applying these monies received to the proper accounts receivable invoices. Using the entrée.POD app, your driver indicates any cash or check payments made by the customer and that data is sent directly to your entrée V4 software for fast verification and application when the driver returns. Need to record that an item was spoiled or damaged? Just have the driver take a picture with their Android device and that will be sent and recorded into your entrée V4 system. Need to print a receipt or credit slip with their signature at the time of delivery? No problem, and many mobile receipt printers are supported. When the driver returns, he counts any items that are on the truck, hands his Android device to the warehouse manager for confirmation and signature.

Route Document Review

The Route Document Review provides you with full accessibility in real-time, after the driver completes each stop. It will display the customer's signature as they signed with their finger on the Android device. It will display deliveries that were completed and if any items were shorted. It also will show any cash receipts received by the driver. This is a feature that provides maximum business value and a rapid return on investment.

Hardware Compatibility

The power of entrée.POD is always on, even if your WiFi or cellular isn’t. That’s because entrée.POD is a native Android app that continues to work in an offline mode so it is always accessible to your drivers and always ready to perform at top speed. Hardware compatibility is as follows:

  • Android 4.4 or later. Cell service on the device supported but not required.
  • Can utilize Bluetooth barcode scanners or Android devices with built-in scanners such as the affordable and durable Cipherlab RS30. Note that barcode scanning is not required but is recommended.
  • Mobile Bluetooth receipt printers such as the Zebra IMZ Series.