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entrée.PTV: Pass Through Value

Track your USDA "Pass Through Value" Billbacks/Rebates for Schools

Some food distributors focus on selling to school systems and other eligible non-profit agencies.  When this happens, a food distributors software must support the special needs of the "Pass Through Value" program as defined by the USDA.  These school systems take advantage of USDA programs which allow them to purchase certain commodity foods at a discount. Typically this requires that the commodities be purchased either from a state-contracted warehouse or directly from the vendor.  However the USDA also allows discounted commodity foods to be purchased as ingredients in eligible processed food products through an arrangement known as “Pass Through Value” (PTV for short).  The entrée.PTV module supports a particular PTV method known as "Net Off Invoice" (NOI) where the agency's commodity values are deducted from distributor invoices for eligible products.  Using the services provided by K12 Foodservice, which are tightly integrated into entrée.PTV, the credits given in this way are reported back to the manufacturer (for Billback/Rebate purposes) as well as to the State and Federal agencies responsible for administering this program. The K12 Web site serves as a centralized distribution point for information required by all the parties involved in the PTV program.  If your food distribution company sells to school systems or other eligible agencies, the entrée.PTV module will be required for your operation to run smoothly, get paid on time and to successfully win any bidding opportunities offered.