Track your USDA "Pass Through Value" Billbacks/Rebates for Schools

If you are a food distributor who sells to school systems or other eligible non-profit agencies, you need a software system that is compatible with the USDA’s “Pass Through Value” program.  This program allows schools and other non-profits are allowed to purchase certain foods at a discount when purchased through a state-contracted warehouse or directly from a vendor.  However the USDA also allows discounted commodity foods to be purchased as ingredients in eligible processed food products through an arrangement known as “Pass Through Value” (PTV for short). 

The eligible commodity values are deducted from distributor invoices through a method called “Net Off Invoice” (NOI) so that these credits can be reported back to the manufacturer. K12 Foodservice provides this rebate services and entrée.PTV makes it easy to for distributors to provide the information needed by all those involved in the program.

The K12 website provides all information required by anyone involved in the PTV program.  You can click on the linked image above to learn more.  If your food distribution company sells to school systems or other eligible agencies, the entrée.PTV module is necessary for your operation to run smoothly.